Mariachi Madness (2017) - Comedy Short

Directed &  Co-Written by  Nadia Zoe  Co-Written by Ramon Torres

Synopsis:  Alex finds his girlfriend’s cat, Hugo, unresponsive and turns to Javier, his father, for help. With years of wisdom behind him Javier tells his son to just tell her the truth. Rose unexpectedly arrives early to up Hugo and after a confusing interaction gathers that something is wrong.  Mistakenly thinking that Hugo has gone missing she tells Alex to just find him. Javier calls upon his former mariachi group in an attempt rectify the situation. When they arrive at Rose’s New York City apartment Carlos, the band leader, breaks a window in a failed attempt to get Rose’s attention. Eventually the group garner’s not only her attention, but that of the neighborhood and the NYPD. Things don’t end well for Alex and Hugo, both of whom get tackled by one of the officers. The police part ways leaving Alex to face a distraught Rose. Javier consoles his bereft son with some midnight tacos.